12 Things to Know Before Moving From New York to Florida

Florida is a popular destination for many looking to relocate to warmer temperatures. There are many attractions throughout the state, from Disney World to beautiful beaches. Florida will be significantly different than in New York. Below you will find twelve tips for your move to Florida. For a more comprehensive guide, check out this article here.

1. South Florida Versus North Florida

South Florida has a very Caribbean and Latino vibe. North Florida is vastly different, even with a different climate. It is not very vulnerable to the weather as South Florida is.

2. Know Hurricane Safety

Hurricanes are the most common natural disasters that strike Florida. Create weather alerts on your phone. Research about hurricane season when you arrive be sure you have safety plans in place.

3. Tourists are Common

Florida is a tourist destination. There will be an influx of tourists, especially during the spring and summer months. Try to be kind and friendly and you will have a much easier time with the flow.

4. Try to Go to Disney World

If you are moving to Florida from New York, chances are you’ve rarely gone to or never seen as big as an amusement park like Disney World. You owe it to yourself to go at least once if you can afford it.

Disney World draws tourists from around the globe.

5. Seniors are Everywhere

Florida is a popular destination for retirement. Though this does not mean that everyone is retirement age, however. Be respectful to your elders and know where you stand. Florida has something for everyone.

6. There are More Animals Than Just Alligators

Everyone associates alligators with Florida, but there are more than just these. Florida is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven with ecosystems and wildlife adventures everywhere.

7. The Party Scene is Not Everywhere

Yes, there are a lot of party goers in Florida, especially South Florida. However, this does not represent the whole of Florida. There is more to it than just partying.

8. There’s a Lot of History in Florida

Florida has so much history. There is Native American history regarding the Seminoles and early Spanish settlements such as St. Augustine. St. Augustine is America’s oldest settlement.

Founded by the Spaniards in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S.

9. Learn to Love Baseball

Baseball is one of the largest sports in Florida. There are major league teams in the state, as well as minor league teams scattered throughout. Be sure to catch a baseball game in the beautiful Florida spring.

FL is home to several major league, minor league, and collegiate baseball teams. Along with Arizona, it’s also one of the spring training hubs for Major League Baseball.

10. Learn to Love Golf

Golf is another sport that is very popular in Florida. There are numerous golf courses and golf players in the state. Try golfing one day to see how it is before judging it.

With year-round great weather, it’s almost always the perfect day for a round of golf.

11. Sinkholes Happen

Another danger in Florida other than wildlife and hurricanes is sinkholes. Sinkholes have had histories of completely swallowing cars in Florida. There is no way to predict a sinkhole, so be prepared.

12. Low Taxes

Florida has no income tax. It also has a low cost of living. It is vastly different from New York. Gas taxes are high, so try to combine commutes for errands and work.

The move may seem complicated, but you’ll be happy once you’ve traded your New York life for sunny Florida.

Though moving to Florida from New York may be a considerable change, there are ways to adjust. Florida is a beautiful state with so much to do. Get out and explore upon your arrival, and don’t let the beauty of Florida pass you by.

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