12 Things to Know Before Moving From New York to Florida

Florida is a popular destination for many looking to relocate to warmer temperatures. There are many attractions throughout the state, from Disney World to beautiful beaches. Florida will be significantly different than in New York. Below you will find twelve tips for your move to Florida. For a more comprehensive guide, check out this article here.

1. South Florida Versus North Florida

South Florida has a very Caribbean and Latino vibe. North Florida is vastly different, even with a different climate. It is not very vulnerable to the weather as South Florida is.

2. Know Hurricane Safety

Hurricanes are the most common natural disasters that strike Florida. Create weather alerts on your phone. Research about hurricane season when you arrive be sure you have safety plans in place.

3. Tourists are Common

Florida is a tourist destination. There will be an influx of tourists, especially during the spring and summer months. Try to be kind and friendly and you will have a much easier time with the flow.

4. Try to Go to Disney World

If you are moving to Florida from New York, chances are you’ve rarely gone to or never seen as big as an amusement park like Disney World. You owe it to yourself to go at least once if you can afford it.

5. Seniors are Everywhere

Florida is a popular destination for retirement. Though this does not mean that everyone is retirement age, however. Be respectful to your elders and know where you stand. Florida has something for everyone.

6. There are More Animals Than Just Alligators

Everyone associates alligators with Florida, but there are more than just these. Florida is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven with ecosystems and wildlife adventures everywhere.

7. The Party Scene is Not Everywhere

Yes, there are a lot of party goers in Florida, especially South Florida. However, this does not represent the whole of Florida. There is more to it than just partying.

8. There’s a Lot of History in Florida

Florida has so much history. There is Native American history regarding the Seminoles and early Spanish settlements such as St. Augustine. St. Augustine is America’s oldest settlement.

9. Learn to Love Baseball

Baseball is one of the largest sports in Florida. There are major league teams in the state, as well as minor league teams scattered throughout. Be sure to catch a baseball game in the beautiful Florida spring.

10. Learn to Love Golf

Golf is another sport that is very popular in Florida. There are numerous golf courses and golf players in the state. Try golfing one day to see how it is before judging it.

11. Sinkholes Happen

Another danger in Florida other than wildlife and hurricanes is sinkholes. Sinkholes have had histories of completely swallowing cars in Florida. There is no way to predict a sinkhole, so be prepared.

12. Low Taxes

Florida has no income tax. It also has a low cost of living. It is vastly different from New York. Gas taxes are high, so try to combine commutes for errands and work.

Though moving to Florida from New York may be a considerable change, there are ways to adjust. Florida is a beautiful state with so much to do. Get out and explore upon your arrival, and don’t let the beauty of Florida pass you by.

How to Clean Your Oven and Other Appliances Before Moving

Whether you are trying to recover more of your security deposit or you are leaving your appliances to new owners, you want to be sure your appliances are clean before moving day. Cleaning your household appliances is not that difficult. All you need are a few appliance cleaning tips from these apartment movers:

How to Clean Your Oven

If your oven is self-cleaning, follow the directions of the manufacturer. Some models have steam cleaning options, while others still run a high-temperature cycle. After running the cleaning cycle, let your oven cool and wipe the ashes.

If you don’t like the self-cleaning cycle or have a standard cleaning oven, you could use a commercial oven cleaning product, but you have other options. This method uses baking soda, vinegar.

  • Mix just enough water with your baking soda to make a paste
  • Apply the paste to the surface of your oven (not the heating element)
  • Leave the paste in your oven for 12 hours
  • Wipe out the baking soda mixture
  • Put full strength vinegar in a spray bottle
  • Spray any baking soda residue with vinegar
  • Wipe the oven with a clean cloth, adding more vinegar as needed

Cleaning Your Oven Racks

Typically, cleaning oven racks take a lot of elbow grease and several steel wool pads. To make the job easier, soak your racks in your bathtub with dishwasher detergent to remove the grime.

  • Line your tub with old towels to protect your tub
  • Fill Your tub with hot water (enough to cover the racks)
  • Add ½ cup of dishwasher detergent and mix
  • Put the racks in the tub and soak for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Wipe the grime away
  • Scrub any difficult areas with a scrubbing pad.
  • Rinse, dry and put the racks back in
  • Clean the exterior with an all-purpose cleaner or stainless steel polish

How to Clean Your Stove

How you clean the top of your stove will depend on the type. You can typically clean the top of an electric stove with an all-purpose cleaner, baking soda and lemon, or mild dish soap. If your stove is gas, soak your grates in a grate cleaning solution. Wipe the top of the stove using an all-purpose cleaner. With a gas stove, the gas connectors can be fragile. You may want to contact your gas company to be sure it is safe before moving the stove to clean behind or under the unit.

How to Clean Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is not that difficult to clean. While some people may prefer to use an all-purpose cleaner, others prefer not to use chemicals near their food. You can use a mild soap and water, or you can clean your refrigerator with vinegar and water.

  • Turn off your freezer a while before starting
  • Remove the shelves, drawers, and bins
  • Washed in the sink with soapy water
  • In a spray bottle, mix a solution of half water and half vinegar
  • Spray the interior
  • Wipe your refrigerator clean with a dry cloth
  • Wipe the crevices of the door seal
  • Replace the shelves and bins

You can use these tips again when you move to your new home if the appliances are not cleaned to your standards. Cleaning your large appliances is not that time consuming when you have cleaning techniques that make the job easier.

Once you’re appliances are cleaned, they’ll be ready to transport by long distance moving companies or ready for you to turn over the keys to the new tenant or owner.

Five Things to Know When Planning a Cross-Country Relocation

Any big task is easier when you plan with plenty of time to spare. This especially applies to long-distance moves. However, even if you find out on short notice that you’re moving across the country, knowing these five things will make it easier.

1. Economic Climate

Unless an employer is paying for relocation because of a new job position, you’re most likely unfamiliar with the economic climate on the other side of the country. Try to avoid moving into an area with high unemployment statistics or low-income rates. You can check median incomes and unemployment figures via government sources. You can also ask friends who live in the area for feedback.

2. Living Expenses

Before determining the moving budget, consider the living expenses of your new home. Gas prices, groceries, healthcare, and utilities could differ significantly. You can use online tools, such as Expatistan or Numbeo, to calculate this important information. The results can also help you figure out beforehand if you need to make financial changes after the move.

3. How to Save Money by Scheduling the Move-Out Date

When you’re using professional interstate movers, which is highly recommended for a cross-country move, timing is everything. Since holidays, weekends and the end of any given month are popular moving times, it will cost more to relocate. To get a cheaper price, this moving company in Las Vegas recommends scheduling your date outside these time frames. If your agenda can’t accommodate these factors, try to move during the off-season, which occurs between October and April.

4. The Connection Between Weight and Moving Costs

When using professionals, it costs about 50 cents to one dollar per pound when moving, and this does not include packing. Even if doing it yourself, each item that you bring will cost more time, effort and money to relocate. That’s why it makes sense to get rid of more stuff, the farther away you move. Start sorting through things ahead of time, and work on this cleanup process a little each day. Decluttering now also makes unpacking post-move easier.

To make this task easier on an emotional level, remind yourself that a cross-country move denotes a lifestyle change that calls for getting rid of the old. Think of the fun you’ll have to pick out fresh items for the new place. Besides, existing furnishings might not work with the new surroundings.

5. How to Protect Items During the Move

When moving across the country, it means that your stuff will endure many bumps on the road. That’s why it’s important to apply extra care when packing your belongings. Consider purchasing durable boxes instead of collecting used, free ones. You could also opt for plastic containers. Regardless of the vessels you choose, use plenty of padding when filling them.

Armed with these tips, you can tackle that long distance relocation with confidence!

Local Ft Lauderdale & Miami Moving Companies

Congratulations on your upcoming move to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. This is a beautiful and enticing location that you’ll be proud to call home.

To help you prepare for the move, here are a few of the tantalizing perks that you can look forward to enjoying as a resident of this lovely area. Following that are tips on some of the premier local moving companies, so your transition can be as smooth and enjoyable as the South Florida lifestyle itself.

Top Five Reasons to Love the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area

1. Weather

Who hasn’t dreamed of moving to Florida for this reason alone, particularly if you’ve ever survived a northern winter? Sure, the summers can be brutally hot, but the months between October and March more than make up for it.

2. Great Restaurants and Nightlife

Because Miami is such a diverse metropolis, you’ll find a wide array of dining opportunities, with cuisines ranging from Cuban to Australian and back again. The South Beach nightclub scene has a nationwide reputation for offering a uniquely wild experience. Farther north in Ft. Lauderdale, the famed Las Olas Boulevard is chock-full of hip, trendy restaurants and nightclubs to rival its better-known neighbor to the south.

3. A Thriving Arts Scene

FAT Village, located in Ft. Lauderdale hosts an art walk on the last Saturday of every month. Its three warehouses feature the latest contemporary art, and the enclave showcases wares made by local artisans — even food and beverages. The MASS District (the name stands for Music and Arts South of Sunrise) is a growing movement dedicated to the rise of Ft. Lauderdale’s economy through the arts.

4. Family-Friendly Opportunities

Zoo Miami and the Miami Sea Aquarium are highlighted, but they’re only the beginning. Don’t forget: Even when all else fails, there’s always a sandy beach within easy driving distance.

5. 90 Miles From Cuba

If you’re a cigar aficionado or a fan of premium rum, you can’t go wrong with this location. Others can enjoy the convenience of having such a rich cultural opportunity so close by.

Local Moving Companies

All My Sons Moving & Storage

12690 NW South River St.
Medley, FL 33178

This family-owned and -operated business has you covered from start to finish. They even offer full-service packages for those who don’t want to do the packing themselves.

You Move Me

746 NW 106th Ave
Miami, FL 33172

With dozens of locations throughout the US and Canada, this efficient chain knows its way around. You’ll be in good, professional hands.

Cheap Movers Miami

382 NE 191st St #98691
Miami, FL 33179
(786) 636-1086

This local service helps Miami residents find the cheapest rates on moving & storage in Southern Florida. Compare moving estimates from licensed professionals.

Ft. Lauderdale Moving & Storage

391 NW 35 Court
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
A solid local choice, boasting no hidden fees and no charge for travel time. Personal checks are accepted.

This is only the beginning, as you’ll soon see for yourself. Many more highlights and adventures await you. May your journey be smooth, and may you find delight and prosperity in your new home!

Best Family Neighborhoods in Miami to Consider Moving to

With warm, sunny days, beaches, restaurants, outdoor activities and diversity, Miami offers residents a high-quality and luxurious lifestyle. Many neighborhoods in Miami offer a family-friendly atmosphere, convenience to activities and employment, along with top quality schools.

Here is our list of the top picks in family neighborhoods in the Miami area.

  1. Weston

With minimal traffic and a low crime rate, Weston offers residents a beautiful area to call home. Bordering the Florida Everglades, outdoor activities and adventure are endless. Fourteen community parks enhance the child-friendly atmosphere, and the numerous golf courses, as well as the community center, offer activities for all ages. The neighborhood hosts cultural, and community-led activities and events throughout the year. High-ranking schools offer excellence in education for students. With the lowest property and municipal taxes in the county, Weston is a top choice for families.

  1. Key Biscayne

Ready to live in your tropical island paradise? Look no further than Key Biscayne. Just 6 miles off the coast, south of downtown Miami, this family-friendly neighborhood is the perfect place to live. Enjoy a variety of water sports along with a well-kept and clean public beach, and a lighthouse.The area is home to the Miami Open Tennis Tournament. Life in Key Biscayne focuses family fun and outdoor living. Great Schools gives this neighborhood excellent ratings for the local public schools.

  1. Coral Gables

Known for the beautiful lush landscaping and tree-lined streets, historic mansions, such as the legendary Biltmore Hotel dating back to the 1920’s, dot the surroundings. The development of many gated communities offers safety and tranquility in this Miami neighborhood. The excellent school system provides an outstanding educational experience for students. Brimming with restaurants and shopping is the Miracle Mile shopping district, offering convenience and luxury to residents.

  1. Coconut Grove

The luxurious feel of this quaint and easily walkable neighborhood makes it a top choice for families. With well-maintained city parks located throughout and beaches only a short drive away, it is easy to enjoy outdoor recreation in and around Coconut Grove. Top rated private schools provide excellent educational opportunities for residents. The airport is only a short 15-minute drive away, offering convenience for travel.

  1. Bal Harbour

Situated at the northern edge of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour offers pristine white sand beaches and the feel of luxury small town living all inside a Miami neighborhood. One of the safest parts of Miami, Bal Harbour also boasts an excellent school system for residents, with top ratings. A variety of restaurants and exclusive shopping at Bal Harbour Shops offer the best in convenience for families. The entire family can enjoy tropical gardens in the neighborhood.